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After specializing in outdoor gear for over 40 years, we’ve learned to recognize when things are passing trends or market-changing products. Without question, night vision and thermal optics are here to stay, and we have spent years procuring the best options available. With over three decades combined experience with this technology, we are your go-to solution for all your night-time hunting needs.

We fill our orders on a first come, first served basis; no down payment is required to be notified when product is back in stock.

Visit our Technical Info page for information regarding how thermal and night vision optics are designed. Our Shipping page outlines how we send these units to you, and we update our Blog as often as possible with first-hand usage of new product and the latest and greatest of our hunting experiences.

Thermal Imagers

Everything gives off light that is low enough on the energy spectrum to be registered as heat, meaning the human eye cannot see it. Thermal imaging devices use infrared sensors to determine variations between the light intensity of different objects, producing what is called a thermogram. Anything above absolute zero will give off some sort of heat signature, meaning the scopes and scanners we sell can make visible everything within their view without any additional light sources.

Night Vision

Night vision optics also rely on infrared light but they must have some sort of IR illuminator to project light onto what the optic is trying to detect. This means less contrast than a thermogram but the advantage of being able to detect something like the eyes of a varmint hidden in thick brush (breaking up its thermal signature) or antlers that do not have any blood flow.


Upgrading your infrared illuminator can greatly improve the useful range of your night vision device, increase your hunting time via battery improvements, and offer more versatility due to adjustable beams.

IR Lasers are a useful component for anyone looking to shoot quickly and accurately while using helmet/firearm mounted night vision. For defensive applications, or pest species like hogs, there’s nothing faster in pitch black.


Thermal and night vision accessories range from external battery packs, camera adapters, and quick detach mounts to HDMI cords, helmets, and tripods. We stock what we believe to be the most useful additions to your thermal/night vision device with a focus on power sources that can extend your hunt and mounting solutions that keep your gun and helmet versatile.

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Product Inquiry

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